The CX Guide Series: DPD shares the challenges, solutions and advice for peak and beyond.

By Sorted October 27, 2020

Of all the players involved in the pandemic-plagued supply chain, very few have a perspective as unique as the carrier. They're written into the complexities of retail warehouse and logistics, but they're also knocking on the shopper's front door in the final mile.

That's why we were so keen to catch up with Tim Jones from DPD, the expert Director of Marketing, who has a lens on the interesting mix of retailers and consumers that the carrier serves. 

Our brand new interview series looks at the pandemic, peak and entering 2021 - with views from the full 360 of the retail industry. We gathered tips, intel and honest opinions from Hermes, Party Delights, musicMagpie, Retail Week, Cygnia Logistics, Wincanton and, of course, Tim from DPD.

The full, access-all-areas guide can be downloaded here - but here's a quick look at some of the things we discussed with Tim...

Tim Jones

Tim Jones
Director of Marketing
DPDgroup UK

With nearly three decades of experience working 'carrier-side', there are few that know the market better than Tim. Plugged directly into both customer and retailer delivery experience, Tim heads up the DPDgroup UK marketing function.

DPDgroup is the largest international parcel delivery network in Europe, and work with thousands of global retailers to deliver 5.3 million parcels each day.

“By the time we come to broadcast this this interview, we will have delivered to one million brand new addresses.” Tim told us during our video call.

And he wasn’t wrong. DPD have now been to over a million new households this year; these are new consumers, people buying online for the first time, people buying from different retailers for the first time or people buying different products for the first time. This is an ‘eye opener’ for the shift in shopping habits in 2020, and a barometer of the growth in the ecommerce market for 2021.

With that, comes the challenge of ensuring all customers – new and old – have the doorstep experience they expect. Tim notes that customers are more likely to stay loyal to a retailer if they have a good delivery experience, so it’s really down to the carrier to look after the customer ‘as if they’re their own’.

DPD have split the year into parts: peak 1 (the surge and stabilisation of lockdown-driven volume) and peak 2 (the traditional, Golden Quarter shopping season). They’re expecting current ecommerce levels to change only by rising, with record numbers remaining for many months.

Segmenting the two peak periods has allowed intelligent planning and forecasting, with huge investments made to make sure they have the confidence to carry on serving the country throughout the rest of the year... and, of course, into 2021 and beyond.

Watch the full interview to find out more.

In the full interview...

  • Details of the £200 million investment that DPD have spent on people, warehouses, vehicles and technology in 2020.
  • The infrastructure that allowed DPD to move from signature to contact-free delivery in just a matter of days.
  • How the responsibility of customer delivery experience is split between the carrier and the retailer.
The CX Guide - Retail Experts on the Pandemic: Peak and 2021 predictions

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The CX Guide: 
Retail experts on the pandemic, peak and 2021 predictions.

In the midst of a year like no other, we turned to our expert network and asked them to be open and brutally honest about their reflections and findings on the new meaning of 'customer expectation' and their predictions on what is peaking over the horizon.

Watch the videos, read the research and be better at boosting CX in peak 2020 and beyond...

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