The CX Guide Series: Wincanton shares the challenges, solutions and advice for peak and beyond.

By Sorted October 27, 2020

Well we've never done a peak quite like this, have we?

The pandemic, the Golden Quarter and the prospect of entering 2021 with so much uncertainty... it's easy to feel a bit overwhelmed in retail right now. We believe that collaboration is key and we know it's more important than ever to pool knowledge from peers; so we've crowdsourced some expert opinions from all areas of the industry.

In our new CX guide, we've got tips, intel and honest opinions from Hermes, DPD, musicMagpie, Retail Week, Cygnia Logistics, Party Delights and, of course, the brilliant Paul Durkin from Wincanton.

The full, access-all-areas guide can be downloaded here - but here's a quick look at some of the things we discussed with Paul...

Julia Dietz

Paul Durkin
Managing Director, Digital and eFulfilment

Paul is an energetic, passionate business leader and ecommerce expert. At Wincanton, the largest British logistics firm, Paul defines the strategic plan and leads the profitable growth of a £200m+ Retail Sector, delivering multichannel solutions for customers including B&Q, Screwfix and M&S.

As we know, most retailers are seeing an extended, ongoing peak at the moment. And, according to Paul, we can already tell that most will continue to trade at these levels throughout the rest of 2020.

With a nationwide spotlight shone on the importance of delivery and logistics networks throughout 2020, the customer’s awareness of the carrier brand is more important than ever this peak.

So could this be a new battleground? Could we be about to see customers shopping around for carrier options, as they do price?

If this becomes a theme, and customers have developed brand loyalty with specific carriers (or even specific local delivery drivers) during lockdown, we could be about to see a very interesting shift in conversion factors at the checkout.

Multi-carrier delivery offering is one way to mitigate the risk of drop out, motivated by positive or negative carrier experience.

Paul also mentions about customer expectations being motivated by returns, sustainability and customer communication. So what will that mean for CX?

Although loyalty, to brand or carrier, is key, Paul predicts that customers have reflected and realigned their priorities a lot this year... “The onset of COVID has certainly driven some changes in behaviour and our delivery preferences, clearly,” says Paul, who notes that there’s been an attitude shift in 2020; customers are questioning whether they need their items next day or same day, and they seem to be making more considered purchases with less focus on returns. Either driven by pressure on key workers, sustainability, access to stores or simply generational reflections on ‘what’s really important’ when it comes to shopping—people are perhaps being slightly more considered with their purchases.


In the full interview...

  • New or changed buyer considerations — such as returns habits and the need for delivery speed.
  • How customer expectations for delivery tracking vary — considering exceptions vs. general updates.
  • How collaboration has become a “burning platform”, and how Wincanton see supply chain cross-working standing the test of time.
The CX Guide - Retail Experts on the Pandemic: Peak and 2021 predictions

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The CX Guide: 
Retail experts on the pandemic, peak and 2021 predictions.

In the midst of a year like no other, we turned to our expert network and asked them to be open and brutally honest about their reflections and findings on the new meaning of 'customer expectation' and their predictions on what is peaking over the horizon.

Watch the videos, read the research and be better at boosting CX in peak 2020 and beyond...

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